An Original

A song I’ve been working on for a little bit, got the finishing touch tonight. Was going through some pictures with my sister, made me realize how much I’ve changed, made me feel a bit impatient towards new change, but ah well, I think it’s a decent start. Hope you like it =]




Well learned how to play Diminished chords today(you flat the 3rd and 5th of a chord) and when I play them I can only think of some super intense moment in a classical work, new goal is to think of a way to play Diminished chords on guitar and it sound like something I’d listen to =D


A style of music that started becoming popular near the end of the civil war and inspired people to stray away from Classical music and eventually led up to Jazz and what not. Scott Joplin, the king of ragtime, has some super sick songs. My favorite so far is the Maple Leaf Rag, and the Swipesy Cakewalk. I feel like this would a really fun style of piano to play.



Went to the library today and picked up five or six books on music. Read one today, was more of a kid book, not very big, but it gave a decent overview on orchestras, what instruments are played in them and how those instruments are made and how they work, etc. It was really interesting, learned a few things. Like there are percussion instruments that can be tuned, basoons are a ridiculously large instrument, bass clarinets sound super sick and writing an orchestra is frigging hard and super intense. Most people that play classical music are judged on how good they based on how well they can write an orchestra, no pressure x.x If I ever get really good at writing music and make really amazing stuff, I’ll write an orchestra, but just one.


A nice orchestra piece that I got out of one of my books


Not What You’d Expect

Well I guess after enough jokes were made about a possible country-rap mix being trash it was only a matter of time before someone pulled it off. It actually fits and sounds pretty decent. Interesting nontheless,


DGD Covers!

Learned two dgd songs in the last three days, won’t lie makes me feel really neat since most of their songs are super hard, is nice to know they have some easier songs that still sound awesome, one day I’ll be playing their hard stuff =D Enjoy~



The Piano

The piano is an awesome instrument. I can only play as much piano as I know music theory, but I hope to one day be as good on it as I am guitar. A little trivia on the piano, two of the first people to write music for the piano were Bethoveen and Johann Christian Bach(J.S. Bach’s son). I think one of the neatest things about piano is how you can play chords with two notes on a high octave and the other note or two on a really low octave and it sound really good. So far my favorite composer of piano music is Frederic Chopin, he’s got a lot of really good work but my favorite is Nocturne No 1, it’s very relaxing. Another one of my favorites is Heroic Op 53 which on the other hand is pretty exhilarating.