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San Solomon

Have been listening to this band called Balmorhea lately. My mom’s cousin is apart of the band and I’m really impressed, he’s what a real musician sounds like. Also been listening to some more chilled out/kinda depressing music which I’ll leave below as well.


Also will be posting some covers soon as I’ve been learning how to play more songs. Mostly by Van Halen and the Red Hot Chili Peppers =] Can’t wait for the day that I’m good enough to start learning Jimi Hendrix songs though!


Will be posting a cover fairly soon of O Holy Night that me and my friend Christian recorded. Our friend Claudia was going to be recording vocals but she was sick and wasn’t able to, but once she does I’ll post it yeah 🙂



New Favorite Song

Love this


Bits and Pieces

Working on two more songs at the moment, these are kind of the general outlines of them both, hope you like them, should get full copies within the next two weeks ;D Also gonna re-record my Serenade’s Overture song, it’ll be a lot better quality, and I might do it with a classical guitar, also going to use an electric bass in it, so should be interesting ^_^

The Dove

Finally got around to posting this. Still doesn’t have vocals on it, but the person I’ve asked to sing it is really busy so whatever, I’ll repost it when it’s got some vox on it. Any feedback on the song is appreciated, specifically on the emotion you think I’m trying to elicit through it or what you feel from hearing it. Been working on this a long time, put a lot of effort into it, dedicated to a good friend. Also working on another song which I’ll be posting a sample of soon. Hope you like it, do enjoy.



Also check out Django Reinhardt, a swing jazz musician from the 1940s of France was in an accident where his house burnt down and he was only able to play using two of his fingers after a burn wound received to his hand. Still he’s absolutely amazing:

Small Victory

Last night I succeeded in recording a song with several instruments =D It’s just a chorus, but I’ve never been able to make several instruments sound well together, but I finally got it to work! Used an Acoustic, 3 Electrics, a Bass, Vox, and garageband drums(which actually weren’t that bad). I’d post it, but my voice is really bad, however once I get a full song played out and have someone else sing over it I’ll post it, just wanted to share I’m one more step closer to having my first song done =]

Op. 1 – An Original

Wrote a song that’s kind of an intro to another song that I wrote which I may end up posting, but yeah have been messing around with this for a while to get it to sound just the way I feel and I think I got it right, hope you like it =]

Also thinking about doing a few covers, I’m thinking Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the Sky, Ode to Joy, and maybe The Church and the Dime by the Dear Hunter. Any suggestions for other songs?

Chord Progression and Boss Old Man

So, saw this video of this guy that’s 72 years old playing jazz with his wife, blew my mind, and then he had tutorial videos. Have definitely been watching them all day. Cool chord progression that I shouldn’t forget and is pretty fun, just need to work on rhythm:


Major7 – Diminished7

Minor7 – Minor7

Minor7 – Diminished7

Minor7 – Minor7


Check out his video, it’s really cool: